• 1915 – Winston and his twin brother Wesley Dunham (12 years old) bought first beehive. Bethel, Vermont

  • 1919 - Winston bought 34 hives with money earned from a sheep project.

  • 1920 – Winston worked for beekeepers J.E. Crane and subsequently Frank Manchester.

  • 1921-1925 – Winston managed 300 hives for Mr. Manchester while attending the University of Vermont.

  • 1925 – Winston attended graduate school at Cornell University.

  • 1926 - Winston took job at The Ohio State University.

  • 1927 – Winston married Cora Chamberlin and earned his Master’s of Science degree at The Ohio State University.

  • 1929 – Norman Dunham born Sept. 2

  • 1930 – Winston earned his Doctorate at The Ohio State University. He continued to increase the number of hives he worked. Most of the work in regard to his beekeeping was done from his home in Columbus and at rental properties in Madison County.

  • 1930-1938 - Winston continued to divide his time between teaching at OSU, research with the Ohio Agriculture Experiment Station, work as a specialist with the Ohio Agricultural Extension Service and with the help of Cora, caring for 2500 hives (mostly located in and around Madison county). 

  • 1938 – Honey house built in London, OH for the purpose of extracting and bottling honey.


  • 1949 – Norman began full-time work at the honey farm.

  • 1953 – Additional building built and equipment installed for the processing and packing of honey in bulk containers for industrial customers.

  • 1953-1958 – Co-packed honey for the Fred W. Muth Honey Company, Cincinnati, OH (established 1858)

  • 1958 – Took over operations for Fred W. Muth Co.

  • 1963 – Cora Dunham died.

  • 1974 – Mark Dunham (Norman’s son) began work full-time.

  • 1978 – Chris Dunham (Norman’s son) began work full-time.

  • 1980 – Winston Dunham died March 31.

  • 1984 – Lee Dunham (Norman’s son) began work full-time.


  • 2005 – Aaron Dunham (Chris’s son) began work full-time.

  • 2007 – Norman Dunham died February 2.  Matt Dunham (Chris’s son) began work full-time.

  • It should be noted that all the Dunhams were raised in the honey business and worked on a part-time basis from a young age. Since its beginning, the Dunhams have been involved in the day to day operation of the business.